Hello everyone, just wanted to do a quick rundown of last night.

We started out in Silverleaf wondering what to do. Garret was able to speak to a couple of the druids that were laying around only to find out that they had died of old age. The last time there was a vibrant, LIVING druid, he was drawn and quartered and buried in the forest somewhere. When asked, the old druids suggested that we go to Bleakhold (Dwarf city just over the mountains) and try to find a druid there. As we approached Bleakhold, we noticed that there had been no foot traffic into the city in at least three weeks. As Lewis quietly approached the city, his little blue beanie started to glow………The gates to the city were slightly ajar. As we approached, we saw no signs of life and as we entered the city, it appeared as if all the buildings had been broken into.

We entered a tavern and Garret found some of the wine to his liking. (He now has a few casks) and entered a blacksmith shop and it had been completely cleared out. We found dragon footprints that were about two weeks old. As we approached the temple, Bob the Paladin detected residual evil there. The temple had been taken down to the ground and there was a big puddle of blood where most of the towns inhabitants had been killed and then reanimated. They had also been teleported away. Garrett decided to do some clean up with his Holy Water fire hose. The undead cap of Lewis’ kept going off as if there was something that was testing the boundaries. Lewis and I tried to spot it and found an evil elf (imagine that!). When I tried to speak to it, it said some nasty words made us roll lots of will saves. We killed it and decided that we would not be finding a druid in that city.

Back at Silverleaf, Garrett spoke to and then raised the drawn and quartered dwarf and he took on the challenge of guarding the tree of life. (Whew!)

We decided at that point (after much discussion and disagreement) to go and check out Garrett’s dream. We went and waterwalked across the river and ran into some nasties in the forest. (They were nipping at our toes!!) During the night Loreli saw the outline of a large, dragon like creature flying over to the keep so we, of course, decided to go there the following morning.

As we entered the keep, Garrett threw down some spells on us and we were immune to making will saves and losing levels. As we entered, we were swarmed with undead. During the battle, we were kinda holding our own but then Loreli went into action and accidentally decapitated Garrett. OOPS!! Lewis was also taken down and had only a short time until he was a zombie. It was decided that we would flee and live to fight another day……We went back to Navare where we are now………………

Does that sound pretty accurate guys? Please let me know if I left any big stuff out…Next we have to find a way to get back and kill the Lich and possibly the black dragon.

P.S. As we were headed toward the keep to fight the Lich, we saw about a 150 undead dwarf army enter the forest headed to the keep. Now we can account for Bleakhold…………..